Mountain Squad

The Larimer County Sheriff's Office, Mountain Squad consists of seven deputies, one corporal and one sergeant.  Together they cover all of the mountain areas of Larmer County, which spans approximately 1,800 square miles or two-thirds of Larimer County.  Geographically, what is known as Districts 6 & 7 stretch from the Wyoming state line at the north end, to the Boulder County line at the south end.  Included are the communities of Red Feather, Glacier View, Livermore, Virgina Dale, Cherokee Park, Stove Prairie, Poudre Canyon, Drake, Storm Mountain, Estes Park, Glen Haven, Pinwood Springs, Big Elk Meadows and Spring Gulch, Rocky Mountain National Park and others.

The Mountain Squad deputies serve a widely spread and very diverse section of Larimer County where the mountainous terrain and differing communities present many unique challenges.  Often times those deputies are miles from any type of help and in areas where communications are sporadic.  All of the deputies assigned to the Mountain Squad are seasoned veterans of law enforcement and well suited for the isolated and unusual area they serve.  Elevations can go from 4,000 feet to 12,000 feet and weather conditions from sunny summer temps to blinding snow storms.  The types of calls they handle can go from a routine criminal investigation, to a search and rescue incident, to a medical call, to a raging forest fire all within a single shift.

Each of the mountain deputies are specially equipped with a four-wheel drive vehicle, VHF & 800 MHz radios, an ATV, satellite & cellular phones, MDC (mobile data computer), an AED & medical equipment, winch & self-recovery equipment, rescue & wild land firefighting equipment, as well as additional training in nuemrous specialities and that associated equipment.  While they have access to facilities from cooperating agencies such as the volunteer fire departments and a substation in Estes Park most live and work from their vehicle and are equipped to stay out for extended periods in all types of conditions.

For further information contact Sergeant Tim Sullivan at or 970-577-2071.

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