Explosive Permits


Explosives permits are issued and regulated by the Colorado State Department of Labor & Employment.  For further information visit the Colorado official state web portal at


Questions regarding the regulation of explosives permits should be directed to the Department of Labor & Employment at 303 318 8519 or 303 318 8552.

Criminal Background Check / Fingerprinting

When you are ready to apply for an explosives permit, having complied with all Department of Labor & Employment requirements, you will be directed to obtain a criminal background check.  If your place of business is located within Larimer County, you should request a criminal background check at the Larimer County Sheriff's Office.

When, and only when, your application is complete, bring the application packet to the front desk at the Sheriff's Office administration building located at 2501 Midpoint drive in Fort Collins.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application is complete and all applicable documents are notarized and included.  The Sheriff's Office will not check the application packet for accuracy or completeness.

If the Department of Labor & Employment requires a fee with the application, the payment should be included with the application packet (no cash).

The applicant should provide a pre-addressed and pre-stamped/metered envelope.  The applicant must ensure that there is enough postage on the envelope as the Sheriff's Office will not pay to have the application sent to the Department of Labor & Employment.

The criminal background check will generally be completed by the Sheriff's Office within ten days of receipt of the application packet at the front desk.  The application packet will be immediately sealed and sent to the Department of Labor & Employment.  This is done to preserve the integrity of the criminal background check.

Sheriff's Office Fees:

Fingerprinting;  $20

Explosives permit criminal background check;  no charge

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