Emergency Manager

Emergency management at one time was known as "Civil Defense" and was primarily  focused on fallout sheltering. However, for many years the emphasis has been on a wide range of hazards, both man-made and natural. The Emergency Management Unit is concerned with preparedness of the community including helping to facilitate cooperation from dozens of volunteer agencies, county and municipal offices, and emergency responders. It is also involved in response coordination and mitigating the dangers of hazards our citizens are faced with.

The Emergency Manager is also charged with establishing and maintaining an Emergency Operations Center which might either manage an incident or provide logistical support to field personnel.  A publication has been prepared which may assist you in becoming acquainted with hazards you may face and how to prepare and respond. Please visit the Emergency Preparedness Guide site and remember that it is always a good idea to have food, water, and medical supplies on hand for yourself and your family sufficient for three days. The "72 Hour kit" is described in the Preparedness guide along with a very large number of other topics.

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