Bond someone out

You may use our look up tool to see if an individual is currently in jail.

You may either post the full bond personally or contact a licensed bonding agent who will post the full bond for a non-refundable fee.

Bonding is done 24-hours a day in the lobby of the Jail.

Jail staff is forbidden from recommending for or against any individual bonding agent. All of the listings from the telephone directory are posted in the lobby of the Jail for your convenience. Information on bonds persons is also available on-line through various sources.

Larimer County Jail - Booking and Release

Individuals arrested and brought to the jail come to and are released from the booking area. During busy times, it may take several hours for an arrestee to be processed and released from the jail.

If you are trying to post bail or otherwise pick someone up from the jail, you can come to the lobby 24-hours a day.

If an arrestee refuses to cooperate with the booking deputies, they cannot be processed for release until they decide to cooperate.

Additionally, if another arrestee is uncooperative or creating a disturbance, that will slow down the booking process for everyone else.

General Information about Booking


When possible, inmates are given a bond through Pre-trial Services following specific guidelines from the court. If an inmate is in jail on a no bond warrant or does not receive a bond from Pre-trial Services and they arrive at the jail prior to 7 a.m., the inmate will go to video court at 1:30 (Monday-through Friday) to have a bond set.  

If a citizen is planning on turning themselves in for an active warrant at the Jail, they can help expedite this process in many ways. Arrive at the jail sober, bring a government issued ID, court documents, cash (for bonding purposes), medications in original bottle, eye glasses or contacts, and as little personal property as possible. Outside books or electronics are not allowed. Smoking is not allowed.