Berthoud Squad

The Town of Berthoud contracts with the Larimer County Sheriff's Office for law enforcement services.  The contract provides for one sergeant and five deputies to provide patrol services for the town with support from all other divisions of the Sheriff's Office.  One deputy is assigned as the School Resource Officer.  When deputies assigned to the town are not on duty or need additional deputies to respond to calls for service, deputies respond from other districts in the south portion of the county.Berthoud Squad

Deputies assigned to Berthoud focus on providing a community oriented police presence within the town.  Deputies are responsible for traffic enforcement, criminal law enforcement and provide limited animal control duties when the Town's Code Enforcement Officer is unavailable.  They enforce Berthoud's Municipal Ordinances in addition to applicable county, state and federal laws.

Deputies in Berthoud conduct their patrol duties using marked patrol cars, bicycles, and foot patrols.  Deputies assist the School Resource Officer in handling safety programs and criminal activity at the schools located in Berthoud in addition to attending school activities.  Deputies assigned to Berthoud, along with Reserve Deputies, Explorer Scouts, and Citizen Volunteers, work with the schools, town staff, business owners, the Boys and Girls Club, and other citizen groups to identify the needs of the community and respond to those needs.  The Sheriff's Office participates in community activities including Berthoud Day, Independence Day activities, and the National Prescription Drug Take-Back Days.

Deputies assigned to Berthoud have an office located in Berthoud Town Hall, 318 Massachusetts Avenue, where they are able to complete many of their administrative tasks without driving to the Sheriff's Office Administration Building in Fort Collins.

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